Belgian Gaming Commission

The Belgian Gaming Commission (BGA) is the ultimate authority relating to gambling and licensure for operators within the region. Suppose a player or company does not follow gambling regulations. In that case, heavy fines are levied against those who dare to challenge the law. Whether a player participates in gambling at unlicensed venues or an unlicensed casino offers services to gamers in Belgium, both parties will face strict repercussions. The Commission's goal is to regulate operations as a means of protecting players from disreputable gambling operators. Although the intent of the Commission is not to make things tough on operators or players, those who run afoul of the law shall face the consequences.

Belgian Gaming Commission
Mobile Casinos Licensed by the BGAAbout the BGA License
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Mobile Casinos Licensed by the BGA

As one of Europe's most rigid regulatory bodies, the Belgian Gaming Commission requires specific licenses for a variety of gambling operations. Since the Belgian Gambling Act of 2011 became law, the country offers three kinds of gambling licenses to casino operators. The A+ license allows an operator to manage both online and on-land casino businesses. For owners who operate a gambling arcade, the B license is appropriate. Wagering and betting operators must fulfill the requirements for an F1 license. Obtaining the license is a slow, arduous process requiring operators to meet strict requirements.

Belgian Gaming Commission Enforcement

Several illegal operators continue to offer services to European countries without going through the licensing process. These businesses are successfully operating because the market by and large lacks regulation to monitor all the mobile casino operations popping up online. Belgium has a policy of blacklisting and blocking casino operators who are providing services without a license via the internet. The country requires that operators must run land-based casinos in Belgium to qualify for a license to offer online casino services. Fines are stiff for operators who break the law. Some platforms risk fines near the amount of around €100,000.

About the BGA License

Land-based casino operators in Belgium are required by law to have a license to operate in the country. Licensed land-based casinos may also apply for licenses to run an online casino, which provides gambling services to Belgians. Nearly 10 years after the Belgian Gaming Act became law, only nine operators have obtained licensure. Since the Act established three license types, operators may apply for the license to provide online services or partner with an already established online casino to provide digital gambling services in Belgium. However, online casinos are required to have servers in the country to fulfill the license requirements. Operators must also offer the same online casino games as the establishment provides gamers in land-based operations.

Unlicensed operators are hit with steep fines starting from €100 up to €100,000. Players' fines are also extensive and may cost the infringing party €25,000. Gamblers are responsible for understanding the country's gaming regulations. Ignorance of the legal ramifications set in the law is not a defense. It is the player's responsibility to find out whether a casino operation is appropriately licensed.


For license approval, Belgian gaming license applicants guarantee a €250,000 fee paid to the Commission. In addition, all licensed establishments likewise agree to pay an 11 percent tax on gross gambling revenue.

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