Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Authority

Cyprus is an island nation located near Europe and is known for its tourist activities. The gaming can be divided between the north and south of the territory. The south of the island of Cyprus has very few casinos, and gambling is legal in the north only. However, Cyprus is still a popular place to get a license for online poker, sports betting, lotteries, casinos, and bingo.

Gambling was illegal in Cyprus before 2012 and was punishable by law, but the legislation changed that year. In 2016 there were further changes that opened up Cyprus to more regulated betting.

A license issued by the Cyprus Gaming Commission means the casinos and other operators must abide by many rules within their licensing agreement. This results in more accountability and transparency.

Cyprus offers many different licenses to operators, and it depends on their gaming activities. However, casino fans can also look forward to a safe and ethical casino experience from one of the more reputable places to get a license.

Online casinos continue running their operation from Cyprus. The nation still offers many licenses regardless of some strict laws. Check out some of the online casinos with licenses from Cyprus now.

Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Authority