December 15, 2021

Attention! Win a Mobile Casino Game with These Tips

Mulenga Chanda
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Playing and winning a mobile casino game can be tricky, just like playing on a computer or in-person venue. Players must learn necessary game rules and strategies to cut it. But nothing good comes easy. Without proper guidance, learning how to win at an online casino app can be challenging. For this reason, the tips below will guide you to your first mobile casino win.

Attention! Win a Mobile Casino Game with These Tips

Reliable online casino app

There is no shortage of gambling apps to play at these days. That’s because most gambling sites are accessible via mobile web browsers. Some even offer standalone gambling apps downloaded directly from their website, App Store, or Play Store. But among the many reliable mobile casinos are con casinos. That’s why you should ensure a legal body approves the casino. This information should be clearly displayed at the bottom of the home page.

It’s also critical to confirm if the games on offer have passed the fairness test before playing them. Some game developers can rig the game outcomes in favor of the casino. So, check if bodies like eCOGRA and iTech Labs have accredited the games. Again, the casino should display this certificate on the home page. And always read user reviews about the casino to get first-hand information.

The house always wins

No, this point doesn’t mean players can’t win a mobile casino bet. In fact, you can with a bit of strategy and lots of luck. But for how long? That’s the question! Casinos know that even the most intelligent player can’t bring them down, thanks to the house edge. This refers to the payback percentage in the long term. And it applies whether you win or lose.

With that in mind, always play games with a low house edge. Most game developers indicate the game’s RTP (Return to Player), which is basically what you can win from every $100 bet. For example, a game with 95% RTP has a 5% house edge. So, if you have a $1,000 bankroll, expect to lose a minimum of $50 to the house on a good day.

Interestingly, you can use the house edge to calculate your expected loss per hour. Take baccarat’s banker bet, which comes with a 1.06% house edge, for example. Assuming you place 80 $100 bets per hour, then you’re looking at an $84.80 hourly loss (106x80/100). Play a game with a higher rate, and the number rises further.

Luck vs skill

Some gamblers will tell you that they have a system to bring down the house. But take a closer look at these players, and you’ll realize they simply don’t have a big enough bankroll. If they truly know how to beat the casino, they’d do it every other day and live large off it.

To cut a long story short, most mobile casino games are luck-based. Therefore, only a cheat can win these games because the house will always have the edge. And you know the consequences of cheating at the casino, don’t you?

Fortunately, you can avoid embarrassment by playing skill-based games like poker, chess, and blackjack. Often, these games pit two players against each other. This means a more skilled player will always win in the long run. So, learn how to count cards and win those live blackjack bets more frequently.

The bottom line

Hopefully, winning a mobile casino game should be easier going forward. But before going full-time, know that gambling should be about entertainment in the first place. Not even playing the skill games mentioned above guarantees success against the house edge. In the end, just have fun and treat any wins as a bonus.

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