New Mobile Casinos Innovations to Expect in the Future



Technology is indeed the most versatile aspect that has revolutionized human life in multiple ways. Without it, the casino industry wouldn't be as huge as it is today. But for any online casino player, keeping up to date with the latest casino trends can be challenging. So through this article, you'll get a clearer picture of mobile casinos' future to help stay a step ahead.

New Mobile Casinos Innovations to Expect in the Future

More 5G Coverage

Do you remember when 4G was the hottest thing in town that everybody wanted a piece of? Well, 5G is now looking to send 4G to oblivion with its faster and more reliable coverage. Playing on mobile casinos using a speedier network allows you to enjoy superior image and text displays with quick responses. Streaming games will also become a cakewalk with a 5G phone. Today, 5G is available in big cities like New York, Beijing, Warsaw, London, and more.

Facial Recognition Systems

New mobile casinos are already embracing what is arguably the most prominent safety and security innovation in the recent past. With facial recognition technology, most online casinos and sportsbooks have been able to eradicate petty crimes successfully. This brand new feature uses video surveillance to capture and save images of casino players. In return, the account can be accessed by the user's face only. Remember, however, that this feature is still on its baby steps in the iGaming industry.

Cloud Gaming Technology

Today, gambling sites and even game consoles are already embracing cloud gaming. This innovation lets players access the game content without necessarily downloading an app. As a result, you'll enjoy faster and smoother gameplay. In addition to that, players don't need a hardware and software upgrade to play games on the cloud. Just get a reliable internet connection.

Convenient Payment Methods

Compared to traditional banking options, mobile payments are faster, safer, cheaper, and incredibly convenient. For example, mobile billing methods allow players to fund their casino accounts by merely entering the amount and their security password. As if that's not enough, cryptocurrency payments offer high anonymity and instant payments. And yes, more e-wallet options are launching every day.

Improved Soundtracks

The soundtrack is often overlooked when choosing the best mobile casino game to play. However, nothing else can motivate you to spend a fair amount of time spinning the reels than an inspiring and stimulating soundtrack. NetEnt nails this theme nicely after releasing three band-based slots: Motorhead, Jimi Hendrix, and Guns N' Roses. In short, the backing track should be smooth and soothing, something that you'll see more in the future.

Licensed Mobile Casino Games

Launching a game with a ready-made market is a popular move among most game developers today. Licensed games feature existing characters and stories. For instance, Playtech has enjoyed massive success with its Marvel Comic games like the Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man 3. The company also boasts video slots based on TV shows and films like Monty Python's Spamalot and Gladiator.

Live Session Dealers

Sometimes you may miss the real-life action of a brick-and-mortar setting. Fortunately, most online casinos offer a similar experience where you'll be dealing with live croupiers and players from all over the world. Live game streaming is from live casino studios managed by professional pit bosses. Previously, live dealer games were a special reserve for PC players with a reliable Wi-Fi connection. But thanks to improved mobile technology, gamers can enjoy these games on their smartphones and tablets too.


These are undoubtedly the most popular mobile casino technologies that will rule the online gaming industry for a long time. So, embrace them and have unlimited fun and security in the hugely volatile online gambling world.

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