Why Mobile Casinos Are the Real Deal



Ethan Tremblay

The internet and computer technology have revolutionized the gambling industry a great deal. Today, gamers can play their favorite casino games anywhere on gambling sites or dedicated mobile apps.

Why Mobile Casinos Are the Real Deal

But why should a player choose a mobile casino instead of a desktop or land-based casino? This page looks at the main advantages of mobile casinos.

Flexibility and convenience

This is undoubtedly the main reason gamblers choose mobile gaming. With the best smartphones and tablets matching PCs in most aspects, it’s evident that most casino game developers are targeting mobile users. Players can enjoy mobile casino games on Android, iOS, or Windows phones. This can be in a traffic jam, bank queue, office, and so on.

Apart from playing anywhere, anytime, mobile gaming is so straightforward. Just install the app and tap to launch it every time you want to play. Not only that but connecting internet data to your mobile phone is also simpler than connecting Wi-Fi. So overall, the best mobile casinos are more convenient and easier to use.

Exciting bonuses and promotions

Most top mobile gambling apps offer players 100% match-up bonuses and free spins. The idea is to lure new players aboard and keep them playing for longer. But quite often, players are required to make a small minimum deposit before activating the bonus. If lucky, the casino might even credit your account with bonus money without necessarily depositing anything. So, read the bonus policy to know the requirements.

Mobile casinos also come with a ton of offers for loyal players. These players are treated to bonuses like deposit offers and cashback or rebates. Cashbacks are bonuses given to players to cushion them from losses. For example, the casino can refund a certain percentage of all your monthly or weekly losses. Moreover, there are many tournament invitations and VIP treatments for loyal mobile casino players.

Convenient payment solutions

Deposits and withdrawals are much easier when playing on mobile. Players can download e-wallet apps on their iOS and Android phones and complete transactions by a mere screen tap. There is also an option to use these e-wallets directly on your web browser. Either way, transactions on mobile are fast and hassle-free.

To take money transactions to a whole new level, most mobile casinos support pay-by-phone bills. With this transaction method, players can deposit funds into their mobile casino account, and the balance is added to their next phone bill. Another convenient payment method is mobile money, where players load cash into their phone number and deposit it directly into the casino account. Mobile banking is the future.

Security and privacy

Mobile platform security is on another level compared to computer systems. These operating systems rarely fall prey to malware and virus attacks. But why is it so? Mobile systems were developed in an era when computer technology was far ahead of scammers and hackers. Also, mobile phones receive regular updates that come with advanced security patches to keep your phone data safe.

Meanwhile, some mobile casinos use Touch ID or Face ID to authenticate users when they log into their accounts. This technology, especially, Touch ID also makes deposits and withdrawals at the mobile casino quicker and safer. A good example is Apple Pay which requires Touch ID to process payments at zero transaction fees.

The future is mobile

The gambling industry is set to go a notch higher, thanks to the ever-improving mobile technology. With inventions like the 5G internet, more gamers will play on mobile rather than on traditional desktops. Just make sure that the mobile casino you play at is licensed and regulated.

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