Why You Should Play Baccarat



Do you play online casino games just for entertainment or for the money? Either way, playing games with the best odds is a sure ticket to success. But wait a minute; why do smart casino players choose baccarat? There are multiple reasons why baccarat stands out from other online casino games. This game is tailor-made for both high rollers and small bankrolls. Also, the game rules are pretty straightforward. So, let's expound more about why you should play online baccarat.

Why You Should Play Baccarat

Simple to play

You're likely to find baccarat on almost all regulated online casinos, including mobile casinos. That's because this game is perfect for both beginners and experienced players. It has simple rules that are perfect for those who are just starting out. In fact, you don't necessarily need to learn the rules of baccarat, as the card dealer is the one running the show.

You can bet on a tie, the player's hand, or the dealer's hand. So, select the hand to bet on and the bet amount. From there, the dealer will guide you through the step by step process. As we'll discuss later on, you should always make a bet on the dealer's hand. Also, play on a midi or mini-baccarat table for the simplest form of baccarat.

Straightforward strategies

To win money playing any online casino game, you need a bit of luck, strategy, or even both. That said, baccarat requires a simple strategy. As I've said earlier, the first strategy is to wager on the dealer's hand. When you do that, you pay a 5% commission on each bet you win. While this might sound like a bad bet after the house collects its 5%, it's still the best option available.

Betting on a player's hand is also a good option. However, always avoid placing a bet on a tie as the house advantage is usually more than 13%. You're better off wagering on slot machines than betting a draw. Overall, the correct strategy is to wager on the banker's hand.

Low house edge

Compared to the popular video slots, baccarat has a much lower house advantage, boosting your winning odds. In most cases, the banker bet usually has a house edge of around 1.06%. Although this is not the lowest you can find, it's significantly lower than the 3% to 13%+ on slot machines. However, remember that some video poker and blackjack games have a house advantage of less than 1%. But no other casino games have lower house edges than baccarat.

Unfortunately for blackjack, you have to locate a table with favorable rules despite the low house edge. As for video poker, the paytable and game variation matters a lot. And of course, you must wager the maximum 5-coin bet. In short, baccarat offers players an excellent blend of a low house edge and simple strategy.

Big bonuses

There is a reason why most online casino bonuses are attached to slot machines. That's because casino operators know that this game has a high house advantage. So, if they can keep you playing slots all day, the casino will end up winning in the end. Also, video poker and blackjack players don't get to enjoy lots of casino bonuses. And if they do, the bonus terms are stricter than one on video slots.

Fortunately, you can always switch to playing baccarat and enjoy similar promotions as those designed for video slot machine players. But as usual, always go through the fine print first before depositing any money. Another thing to consider; maximize your betting skills and time by claiming the bonus.

The Bottom Line

Although baccarat isn't the most widely-played online casino game, those in the know will skip even video slots in its favor. It combines simple gameplay and a low house edge, which improves your winning adds. Add in the attractive bonus promotions, and baccarat becomes the online casino game to play.

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